Not the first race of the series, but the first one that didn't include sunny skies and decent temperatures. 6"+ of snow arrived on the Thursday prior to race weekend, and finally gave the riders a bit of a test. Fat bikers ruled the first two races of Saturday morning, but the CAT 1/2/3 group was ruled by cx bikes. 
The first weekend of the local cross season was met with beautiful weather. (Shorts and t-shirts for a cross race? yes, please.) Dust and sand were about the only obstacles riders had to cope with. Handups of beer and/or french fries took care of mid-race carb needs. (With the exception of one or two hecklers...our spectators are so tame. Might be a good thing, considering all the kids on the course.) A great day for a bike ride. 
A music/art installation in the Linen District. The combination of pedaling and moving the handlebars allows music to be played. Great idea. 
A view of the Cross Check from the hotel pool. 
A ride through Rock Springs, Wyoming. Happy to report the wind finally died down...and they have bike lanes. (They're full of gravel, but they have bikes lanes.) 
The Arch Monument in Kearny, NB. Closed...but nice to lo
Staying across the tracks from the Mississippi tonight. The water is high, and you shouldn't drive across. 
Out among the corn in Ohio. 
Last ride on the road bike in New York. Heading for the west in the morning.